So, I've been using Google's Adsense program on my blog. I can't find a job in my shitty little city so these (very) quaint earnings were all I had to live off of.
My blog was even doing so well that Google gave me a $100 certificate for Google AdWords, which allowed my blog to be advertised on the side of Google's homepage.
Well, I had my payments on hold until I had a decent amount saved up & I found it only saves up to $100. I had $80 earned so I figured I'd get paid finally after months of blogging, which I enjoyed.
ONE DAY after I decide I'd actually like to receive my well-earned money, Google decides to suspend my Adsense account, which I tried to appeal & it was denied.
HOW FUCKING CONVENIENT! Fuck you Google, you scammy little twats.
I actually liked blogging but this completely ruined it for me.


Spotlight of the Day: Pokemon!

Sorry I haven't been blogging as of late, I've been having...technical difficulties.
/le sigh

I made this nifty friend on seXBox who sent me a Nintendo DS & Pokemon Platinum! I'm super pumped to dominate the shit out of the game & nerd it up hard enough to train a lvl 100 Meowth (hell no I'm not evolving my Meowth, MEOWTH IS A PIMP! Ummmmm Pay Day? HE MAKES IT RAIN ON DEM HOES!)
Anywhoo, I thought a Pokemon themed entry would be epic. Remember to click on the artist's name to view more of their fabulous art work!

By: NuX

By: Peter Pan Syndrome (HNNNNNG- SO. MUCH. PINK.)

& I'll end it with something awesome.

"12 Days of Pokemon" By: SliferTheSkyDragon

 12 Bulbasauring
11 Lapras Leaping
10 Tentacrueling
9 Tails-A-Wagging
8 Muk a Mukking
7 Squirtle Squirting
6 Diglett Digging
5 Goooolldeeeennnnnnnnn!!!
4 Charizard
3 E-kans
2 Elactabuzz
& a Farfetch'd with great agility!

WHEW! Any ideas for my next entry?