So, I've been using Google's Adsense program on my blog. I can't find a job in my shitty little city so these (very) quaint earnings were all I had to live off of.
My blog was even doing so well that Google gave me a $100 certificate for Google AdWords, which allowed my blog to be advertised on the side of Google's homepage.
Well, I had my payments on hold until I had a decent amount saved up & I found it only saves up to $100. I had $80 earned so I figured I'd get paid finally after months of blogging, which I enjoyed.
ONE DAY after I decide I'd actually like to receive my well-earned money, Google decides to suspend my Adsense account, which I tried to appeal & it was denied.
HOW FUCKING CONVENIENT! Fuck you Google, you scammy little twats.
I actually liked blogging but this completely ruined it for me.


Spotlight of the Day: Pokemon!

Sorry I haven't been blogging as of late, I've been having...technical difficulties.
/le sigh

I made this nifty friend on seXBox who sent me a Nintendo DS & Pokemon Platinum! I'm super pumped to dominate the shit out of the game & nerd it up hard enough to train a lvl 100 Meowth (hell no I'm not evolving my Meowth, MEOWTH IS A PIMP! Ummmmm Pay Day? HE MAKES IT RAIN ON DEM HOES!)
Anywhoo, I thought a Pokemon themed entry would be epic. Remember to click on the artist's name to view more of their fabulous art work!

By: NuX

By: Peter Pan Syndrome (HNNNNNG- SO. MUCH. PINK.)

& I'll end it with something awesome.

"12 Days of Pokemon" By: SliferTheSkyDragon

 12 Bulbasauring
11 Lapras Leaping
10 Tentacrueling
9 Tails-A-Wagging
8 Muk a Mukking
7 Squirtle Squirting
6 Diglett Digging
5 Goooolldeeeennnnnnnnn!!!
4 Charizard
3 E-kans
2 Elactabuzz
& a Farfetch'd with great agility!

WHEW! Any ideas for my next entry?



Spotlight of the Day: Sci Fi Looove

Last entry, I asked what you guys would like to see as far as the spotlight goes, & while most pleaded for more alt models (which I am always happy to oblige), one request was a science fiction art focus. I figured I'd go with the minority before I return to my ever favorite subject of alternative models.

Now I didn't want to focus on just one artist so instead I'll be showcasing quite a few artist, & you'll be able to see more from them by clicking the link under each art piece.

Alright! Autobots... ROLL OUT!
Art by: Joel Gomez

Art by: Huiyen

Art by: Nemons

Art by: Emile Denis

Art both by: Hendry Roesly

(I know it's more fantasy than sci-fi but I love it!)

Art by: David K.

That's all for now! Any inspiration or ideas for my next entry?!
On another lovely note, I got engaged over the weekend <3 YAY!
He took me to the spot where our first date was, which was a Weezer concert, & there was a pond/gazebo right nearby, & he got down on one knee & asked me to be stuck with him forever.
I'm so happy!



Spotlight of the Day: Aleksandra Wydrych & Miss Mosh

lol <3

Before I get going:
Warning! In case you're a youngin, hate the female body or something else absurd, there are boobies in my post. I'm required to do this. Who hates boobs? How did you find my blog i you're a little kid? More importantly... Where are my pants?

Got two lovely spotlights for ya today, both eye candy to the max.
The first is Alksandra Wydrych, 21, from Chojnice, Poland who's interests include killing small children. Her words, not mine. She does a lot of photography, some of herself, some of others, but I'm just gona show you her (because she's all pretty 'n stuff).
Check out more from her here!

What a sex bob-omb.

Anyways, our next spotlight is the lovely Miss Mosh, the Russian-born model.
For more from her, click here!
(You'll want more.)


Let me know what type of art you guys would like to see more of & I'll make it my next spotlight! <3



Personal Blog.

I need out of this house.
I feel like I'm going to have a mental breakdown.
Another household screamfest, I don't even consider it a family anymore. My mum comes in & threatens to take away everything I own if I post ANYTHING about being depressed Or anything to do with the fight on facebook or say anything to anyone.
I'm tired of having to bottle everything up.
I'm tired of having so much to bottle up.
I'm shaking & using all my willpower to refrain from breaking down. But I'm used to having to put up a tough exterior. Too used to it. Everything that's bottled up crashing like heavy waves against the walls I've built up, threatening to break.. There's too much. I feel like if I curled up into a ball & cried out all my pain I may lay there for eternity..
All this because my sister didn't let my brother use her profile on xbox. So my brother flipped out about it. It's hers to say yes or no to, she paid for it, & because she didn't share, my dad called her a stupid little bitch & my mum told her she was giving away her iPod. I told them I thought that was unfair, & because of that, the wrath turned on me. They threatened to take away everything I own, deny me access to the internet, & smash my xbox because I'm "immature". Yeah. I know I'm a fuck up. I know I'm a let down. A biiiig disappointment. You remind me of that with every mutter under your breath when you think I'm not listening.
I want out of here so bad... I'm not a religious person, but I've been praying every night that I get across on the ferry.
But at the same time, I feel like I'm the only sane person in my house, & I'm my sister's rock, I'm going to feel unbareably guilty leaving my sister with these people.
My brother manipulates every one in the family & gets her in trouble so much, & my parents are quick to jump down her throat, because it's so much easier to dump everything on her than to deal with my agressive brother.
My mother is a huge bitch to my sister 95% of the time. Grounds my sister 24/7, never let's her out, takes everything away from her, puts her down all the time calling her stupid, an idiot, a dumb bitch, tells her she looks like a whore when she does her makeup.
My sister is completely scared of my dad because all he does is scream & hit people.
My sister is sitting here talking about wanting to run away, how badly she doesn't wanna be here, how she sometimes thinks about suicide. & I know exactly how she feels because I hated it so badly, I got so depressed I was cutting myself & when I got so low I started thinking about suicide, I DID run away to NYC, the farthest place from them where they wouldn't be able to find me.
Things aren't so stressful when my brother isn't here...but that's not the case.
I want to slip into a sweet coma until my boyfriend comes on the 20th. My sister too. We're happier when we sleep. We usually fall asleep holding eachother's hands.
I'm tired of this Hell.
But I don't want to abandon my sister in it either.
I know I have to take care of myself, but I'm all she has.
Even though I put on a tough exterior for her, she's kind of my rock too.

Spotlight of the Day: Monaux

Today's spotlight of the day is on Monaux aka Karl Kawsny, the 26 year old from Australia.

His art has a somewhat classic  feel to it & I love it.

If you want to see more, click here!

I keep procrastinating my workout regime /le sigh. I'm so fucking lazy sometimes. Gotta kick myself in the ass. Shit is so heavy here though, I get depressed & don't wanna do anything. Being like that is the opposite of my demeanor though, opposite of my personality. I'm happy, upbeat, bubbly, spontaneous, definately not a homebody. I just can't be myself here. It's so restricting.

I'm the black sheep of my family.
I've always felt that way. Ever since I was little.



Spotlight of the Day: Agnes Cecile

Today's spotlight is the wonderfully talented Agnes Cecile, of whom I am in love with their style, from Rome, Italy.

Cecile's work doesn't need words.

For more, click here.

On a side note, I'm starting a new diet & excercise regime. My boyfriend is coming to visit in a month & I want to look better than my best. My next post might be some thinspo, don't hate me for it. I'm not into the jutting spines and hip bones, I mean an althletic, healthy, in shape, yet still shapely. My type of thinspo, not crazy bitches with ED's type of thinspo.