Spotlight of the Day: Pin-Ups

The spotlight of the day is focused on Pin-Up Models!

I adore modern day pin-up models, don't get me wrong, I love classic pin-up models. You can't appreciate modern day pin-up unless you appreciate where it started but I love piercings, tattoos, & body modifacation. Throw that together with the classic pic-up concept, & you have perfection!

What do you love?



Spotlight of the Day: Cosplay

Today's spotlight is focused on Cosplay artists! I've got a lot of love for cosplayers, because I love dressing up for Comic-Con & other expos.

Infact, for the next Comic-Con, I'm going to dress up as a Nurse & he as PyramidHead from Silent Hill. (/heart)

You can click on the Artist's names to take you to their website to check out more!

Cosplayers, I choose you!

Rinoa in Squall's outfit (Final Fantasy VIII)
Artist: Eyes On Me

Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
Artist: Malro Doll

The Bride (Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride)
Artist: Nekos Rocks

Team Rocket (Pokemon - Season 1)
Artist: Ryoko Demon as Jessie & Malro Doll as James

Altair (Assasin's Creed)

Alexiel the Magnificent (Angel Sanctuary)
Artist: Etaru

Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
Artist: Yuegene

Skye (Character created by Aisha Neko)
Artist: Time Flux

Misty & Staryu (Pokemon - First season)
Artist: Jaded

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Artist: Ophelia Overdose (Again <3

Lady of the Yakuza (Self-Inspired character of the artist)
Artist: Alodia ( <3 )

Morrigan (Darkstalker)
Artist: Alodia ( <3 )

& we'll end it with something cutesy

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)
Artist: Ophelia Overdose (again again <3)

If you've cosplayed, what character did you choose? & if not, what would you like to see a cosplay of?



Spotlight of the Day: JAPAN

Today's spotlight is focused on the artists who've created & given away the rights to their art so it can be sold & distributed to raise money in support of relief for Japan.

You can help & donate by clicking here. Every dollar counts.
I've already donated twice. You can spare your coffee money for someone who direly needs it I'm sure.

What if it was your family?
People supporting people.
World Love.

Art by: Coco Kun

Art by: Sakimi Chan

Art by: lol55555

Art by: Kyu Gurl

You can also buy t-shirts with the above art (by Ongoing Drifter) by clicking HERE.
All proceeds go to the Red Cross to aid Japan.

(not quite) fin.

Spotlight of the Day: Ophelia Overdose

Today's artist spotlight is the beautiful alt model, Ophelia Overdose.

Check out her model mayhem site by clicking on her name.

21 year old Ophelia Overdose was was born in Essen, Germany. She thrives in her individuality & expression, both through her modelling & creation of wigs, accessories, & clothing for every shoot.


On a side note, all my prayers go out to all the people in Japan right now.
I have family there who we haven't heard from yet.



Spotlight of the Day: Serge Birault

Today's artist Spotlight is on Serge Birault from viva la France.
I'm afraid I don't know much more about him except that I love his art!

Check out his website by clicking on his name.

He does do commisions, I'm thinking of making on myself!



Suicide Girls Selling Out?

Due to the recent vlog released by Shotgun Suicide, a small uproar of rebellion has cast against Suicide Girls.

They said that SG has lost touch with why it was created in the first place.

Some are outraged that the vlog, cast to so many "impressionable" girls, glamourizes the business. Saying that despite the courage it takes to get naked on the internet, doing so should't be a milestone in your life.
One fan said:
I love SG & I think this video is great to make girls wanna join but I think it might be over-glamorizing it? I wanna see all the work and effort these lovely ladies put in to get to the top. There's thousands of chicks wanting this pretty bad but how many will actually have a life like this?
Others love SG's art, style & attitude, their past focus. For that would want to join, but with SG's recent requirement for full-on nudity these past years, many are turned off.
& yet many more are turned-on.

There's a reason there isn't a Nobel Prize for Getting Naked on the Internet.
But still...

What do you think?