Spotlight of the Day: Cosplay

Today's spotlight is focused on Cosplay artists! I've got a lot of love for cosplayers, because I love dressing up for Comic-Con & other expos.

Infact, for the next Comic-Con, I'm going to dress up as a Nurse & he as PyramidHead from Silent Hill. (/heart)

You can click on the Artist's names to take you to their website to check out more!

Cosplayers, I choose you!

Rinoa in Squall's outfit (Final Fantasy VIII)
Artist: Eyes On Me

Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
Artist: Malro Doll

The Bride (Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride)
Artist: Nekos Rocks

Team Rocket (Pokemon - Season 1)
Artist: Ryoko Demon as Jessie & Malro Doll as James

Altair (Assasin's Creed)

Alexiel the Magnificent (Angel Sanctuary)
Artist: Etaru

Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
Artist: Yuegene

Skye (Character created by Aisha Neko)
Artist: Time Flux

Misty & Staryu (Pokemon - First season)
Artist: Jaded

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
Artist: Ophelia Overdose (Again <3

Lady of the Yakuza (Self-Inspired character of the artist)
Artist: Alodia ( <3 )

Morrigan (Darkstalker)
Artist: Alodia ( <3 )

& we'll end it with something cutesy

Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)
Artist: Ophelia Overdose (again again <3)

If you've cosplayed, what character did you choose? & if not, what would you like to see a cosplay of?



  1. are you on tumblr? nice pics and follow

  2. nice outfits! i've never cosplayed because i'm sure i'd be awful at it

  3. Never cosplayed, but some good pics there.

  4. i'd like to do the 10th doctor from Dr. Who, and battler ushiromiya from umineko no naku koro ni, or vash from trigun for the cool coat.

  5. Assassins creed one was pretty awesome

  6. Damn, Morrigan and Altair sure look awesome.

  7. A lot of these are insanely creative. Love it.

  8. Wow Awesome pictures. I can't really think of a good cosplay to do.

  9. very cool pics, really liking the lady of the yakuza one. im not sure who i would want to see cosplayed, something to try out though.

  10. Totally f*cking hot! I love the pics!

  11. My close friend is quite interested in cosplays. She always gives me the hottest photos from conventions she visited.
    Although they weren't half as good as these are. Great...

  12. Wow, those are some awesome cosplay outfits!