XBox Live Friends List Expansion? Yes Please.

One of Xbox Live's most-requested features, the raising of the 100 friend cap, could be about to happen as Microsoft's unveils plans to discontinue the Original Xbox's online service.

Microsoft's gone on record in the past that the Xbox 360 friend cap is mostly down to backwards compatibility with the old console. Now that's not an issue, the platform holder's seemingly free to let us expand our mate roster.

Xbox group product manager, Aaron Greenberg said of raising the cap back in 2007:
"There's some interdependencies. Some things like original Xbox games have friends lists hard coded in, so there's things we gotta work through, but we'll get it figured out, it's something we want to do."

He then updated us on the feature last year:
"I can't commit to when that will happen, but that is something we want to do. It's definitely something we're looking at expanding and, as this social network grows, we've absolutely heard the pleas for that. It's on the list."
Possibly good news for popular people like those OXM chaps then, but the average Xbox Live user surely has about 20 friends anyway? Wrong. My list is ALWAYS full, XBL having been you for years now, you get to know some people.

Because sometimes you just can't delete some people...



  1. Ok, let me just go on ahead and say this...

    Chicks + Game controllers = Hot

  2. Glad they are raising the cap, seems silly to have had a cap in the first place but I guess they had their reasons.

  3. Makes me wish I played games on a home system, like I did when I was younger.

  4. My Xbox Live Gold ran out a while ago, and since then I've switched over to PC gaming and a bit of PSN, but it's still definitely good to hear that the cap will finally be taken off. It was stupid to have it in the first place.

  5. She would not be deleted for sure