Spotlight of the Day: Sci Fi Looove

Last entry, I asked what you guys would like to see as far as the spotlight goes, & while most pleaded for more alt models (which I am always happy to oblige), one request was a science fiction art focus. I figured I'd go with the minority before I return to my ever favorite subject of alternative models.

Now I didn't want to focus on just one artist so instead I'll be showcasing quite a few artist, & you'll be able to see more from them by clicking the link under each art piece.

Alright! Autobots... ROLL OUT!
Art by: Joel Gomez

Art by: Huiyen

Art by: Nemons

Art by: Emile Denis

Art both by: Hendry Roesly

(I know it's more fantasy than sci-fi but I love it!)

Art by: David K.

That's all for now! Any inspiration or ideas for my next entry?!
On another lovely note, I got engaged over the weekend <3 YAY!
He took me to the spot where our first date was, which was a Weezer concert, & there was a pond/gazebo right nearby, & he got down on one knee & asked me to be stuck with him forever.
I'm so happy!