Spotlight of the Day: Sci Fi Looove

Last entry, I asked what you guys would like to see as far as the spotlight goes, & while most pleaded for more alt models (which I am always happy to oblige), one request was a science fiction art focus. I figured I'd go with the minority before I return to my ever favorite subject of alternative models.

Now I didn't want to focus on just one artist so instead I'll be showcasing quite a few artist, & you'll be able to see more from them by clicking the link under each art piece.

Alright! Autobots... ROLL OUT!
Art by: Joel Gomez

Art by: Huiyen

Art by: Nemons

Art by: Emile Denis

Art both by: Hendry Roesly

(I know it's more fantasy than sci-fi but I love it!)

Art by: David K.

That's all for now! Any inspiration or ideas for my next entry?!
On another lovely note, I got engaged over the weekend <3 YAY!
He took me to the spot where our first date was, which was a Weezer concert, & there was a pond/gazebo right nearby, & he got down on one knee & asked me to be stuck with him forever.
I'm so happy!



  1. Apsolutley love sixth picture. Others are nice too

  2. What a nice collection. The base (or rather, bottom) of the first piece reminds me of some of Matisse's work.

  3. And again high tech girls win with fantasy ones

  4. Getting some new tattoo ideas from your blog, follow mine for some cool music.